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There are two types of hosts: Those that say, "Take off your shoes and come in," and those that say, "Come in and take off your shoes!"

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Who Am I?

I am Michael Steinhart. I am also known as Yaakov Steinhart (my Hebrew name).

I am a copy editor, currently working at PC Magazine, the Lower East Side VOICE, and my own private little enterprise...


Specializing in anything that appears in print.

I enjoy windsurfing, skydiving and classical oboe music.

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In 1999, the Oscar winner for Best Short Documentary is "The Personals." Read all about this important film in my feature article.

Read my Secret Shopper review of a Jerusalem computer store.

Here's my take on the State of Affairs in Jewish music.

The Diaspora Yeshiva Band's Jerusalem is Calling - and what I have to say about it!

I saw Mandy Patinkin's Mamaloshen show - come read my reactions.

Check out my review and feature on recording artist Dana Mase

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THE ALLIANCE OF JEWISH YOUTH!! I'm a founder and proud member of TAJY -- check out our new home page!
Reb Shlomo Carlebach Homepage This man greatly influences my spiritual life. Sample his music, stories and teachings. You'll thank me for it.

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Some subversive - but entirely harmless - humor. Let all who enter here beware...
Check out IdeaNet! This is a great site if you want innovative ideas for youth group events.

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